Been involved in an accident? We're here to help!

From checking and repairing your bike to helping you with your claim when you were not at fault.

Need A Bike Check?

If you and your bike have been involved in an accident then it's important to ensure that there's no major damage to the bike if you're going to continue riding it.

We'd recommend booking in for a Bike Safety Check so that our team of mechanics can give it the once over and ensure that there's nothing wrong - helping to fix any resulting damage from the accident.


The accident wasn't your fault?

If you have been involved in an accident on your bicycle that wasn’t your fault, you need support from people you trust to help you get back on the road and fight for the compensation you may deserve. Together with CAMS we’re here to help. We’ll not only help to repair your bike, but can work with CAMS to arrange a replacement bike if needed to help get you back in the saddle as soon as you're ready.


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