Introducing Boost - Convert Your Bike To An Electric Bike

March 08 2023 – Tom Copeland

Introducing Boost - Convert Your Bike To An Electric Bike
Introducing Boost - Convert Your Bike To An Electric Bike

If you’re looking for a quick and cost effective way to switch your bicycle to an electric bike then take a look at the innovative new Boost system. Electrify your ride by replacing your rear wheel with the Boost rear hub motor and associated battery pack, giving you up to 50 km of electric assist cycling on each charge. A perfect way to power your commute or cycling adventures without needing to buy a new e-bike.

Demand for and use of electric bicycles continues to rise in the UK, following a boom over the past decade on the continent. However, with many people already in possession of a standard mechanical bicycle, Boost offers a simple, more cost effective solution to convert your current bike to electric.

The Boost system works by switching out your rear wheel for a 250w rear hub motor fitted wheel, with both standard 700c road and 26” MTB wheels available, paired with a 6Ah 36v battery and controller unit that sits in your rear bottle cage mount. The battery weighs just 1.5kg and comes with a lock and key to securely affix to the bike, unlocking it when you need to charge. The system offers up to 50 km of riding between full charges.

The controller, linked to the motor via a discreet cable, connects to the Boost smartphone app to provide ride and battery details at your fingertips.

At Bike Hero we’ve recently started stocking and fitting Boost conversion kits this year, with several bikes already coming through the workshop and are excited by the prospect of providing more riders with this more affordable way of electrifying your ride, without needing to buy another bike.

Electric bikes in general continue to become more and more advanced, with smarter, lighter bikes being developed with the capacity to go further between charges too. And although getting a new, electric bike to get around on is an exciting prospect, it’s often not feasible due to space in the home for an additional bike or due to the financial outlay, with most leading electric bikes still starting at over £1,500 - reaching upwards of several thousand depending on which model you go for.

Boost offers a great alternative at just £575 for the system, fully fitted and ready to ride. Shop for your Boost e-bike conversion kit here.