Meet The Team: Our Trainee Bicycle Mechanic - James

November 10 2022 – Tom Copeland

Meet The Team: Our Trainee Bicycle Mechanic - James
Meet The Team: Our Trainee Bicycle Mechanic - James

Tell us about yourself...

"Hi, my name is James and I'm a Trainee Mechanic at Bike Hero. I am currently strengthening my extensive workshop knowledge and taking my CycleTech Course (Levels 1-3)."

"I've always had a very keen interest in bikes for a long time, exploring trails since the late 90's. I actually used to be on a display team called the Cranksters doing shows at events which was great fun. Nowadays, I mainly ride old bikes that I've built up from scratch, and more interested in the longer bike races like the GBDuro or the epic Silkroad race."



What's your favourite ride?

"This question is easy. A while ago, I spent two days out at the Whistler Bike Park and the riding was simply awesome, especially as there were black bears scattered around the trails... not to everyone's liking I know."


What's your current favourite bike?

"I'm currently riding a 2002 Kona Aloha frame that I got from eBay for only £15. It's awesome - incredibly reliable and allows me to do the thing I love doing most... cycling! I must admit... I'm pretty old school when it comes to bike frames - I absolutely love ones that steel or aluminium, but not a huge fan of carbon bikes."


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