Meet The Team: Our Logistics & Customer Service Manager - Toby

September 28 2022 – Tom Copeland

Meet The Team: Our Logistics & Customer Service Manager - Toby
Meet The Team: Our Logistics & Customer Service Manager - Toby

Tell us about yourself...  

"Hey everyone, my name is Toby, I’m Bike Hero’s Logistics and Customer Service Manager at our Chertsey store. You will likely speak to me as a first point of contact either over the phone or by email.” 

"I haven’t been in the cycling industry for quite as long as Max, but I have dabbled in various bike companies over the past 11 years, along with being a keen mountain biker and more recently gravel riding. I was lucky enough to travel around the world and land in New Zealand where I worked as a mechanic for an Adventure Biking company in Christchurch. I managed to work for two long summer seasons there, working and riding almost every day – trying to avoid injury. Downhill riding was my first love from a young age, which then moved to trail and enduro riding, which I have competed in over the past few years. The standards for competition are incredible though – so I opted to not race this year and just enjoy my riding. Earlier this year, I moved across the country and to join the Bike Hero Team, so gravel riding has become more and more of my main discipline.” 



What’s your favourite ride? 

 “If I'm out on my "big bike", Bike Park Wales is my number one. Definitely pay for the uplift though, well worth it and means you can do run after run, until you can’t hold on to your bars anymore. Despite being on the other side of the world, Christchurch, NZ, has a great bike park and running alongside is Dyers Pass, which is a very challenging climb. If it’s a gravel ride, I enjoy exploring new places, but the Surrey Hills have got great local rides.” 



What’s your current favourite bike?  

“My current bikes have got to be my favourite bikes, right? I have a new Trek Remedy which is 27.5”. I just can’t get on with a 29” wheels. Along with this is my custom built Cube Nuroad. I definitely have a soft spot for Marin bikes though, new and old. I miss my custom Marin B17 powder coated chrome, which I regret selling, to make way for my Trek Remedy.”


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