CAMS x Bike Hero

July 25 2022 – Tom Copeland

CAMS x Bike Hero
CAMS x Bike Hero

Do you know what to do if you have an accident on the bike that wasn’t your fault? We’ve partnered up with the team at CAMS - Cycling Accident Management System - to help you get back on the bike as quickly as possible, while CAMS will make sure that you are looked after if you’re involved in a crash that wasn’t your fault.


Who are CAMS?

Cycling Accident Management Services (CAMS) are one of the UK’s leading cycle accident management companies.

If you're unfortunate enough to have been the victim of an incident on your bike that wasn't your fault then CAMS are on hand to manage your claim for both injuries sustained and also damage to your bike.


How does the process work?

Step  1 - The Details

Upon being the victim of a crash, that wasn’t your fault, contact us at Bike Hero to provide your details and the details of the driver with whom the incident happened. If possible, details of a witness will also be very helpful.

This doesn’t have to be at the point of the accident but as soon as possible after is beneficial. It’s important to note that your should avoid settling with the driver roadside, or claiming responsibility in the moment as that may put an end to any claim that CAMS would be able to help with.


Step 2 - Bike Repair vs Write Off

We will share all this information with CAMS and they will be able to confirm whether or not they can take on the case for you, the rider. We will then be instructed to come and collect your bike so that we can give it a bike safety check and look for any damage sustained during the incident. If the bike is repairable then we get to work on getting it sorted. However, if the bike is a write off, i.e. the cost to repair it is more than the value of the bike itself, then you will receive a financial reimbursement for your bike..


Step three - The Rider’s Injuries

You will then need to attend a medical assessment for any injuries they may have been sustained in the incident. CAMS will then follow up from here to assist with any claims related to personal injury.


– - - 

We work with CAMS to ensure that your bike gets fixed and returned as soon as possible, or to confirm the write off and start the process of financial reinbursement so that you can get sorted with a new bike as soon as possible.

If you’ve had an accident that didn’t involve a third party and you’re unsure if your bike has sustained any damage during the incident then we recommend booking in for a Bike Safety Check as soon as possible before riding your bike any further. Sometimes the damage won’t be easily visible and this could lead to issues when the bike is under strain whilst being ridden, leading to further accidents.

If you’ve been involved in an accident with somebody else that wasn’t your fault, contact us today.