Why Your Next Bike Should Be Pre-Owned

August 12 2022 – Tom Copeland

Why Your Next Bike Should Be Pre-Owned
Why Your Next Bike Should Be Pre-Owned

More sustainable

Let’s be honest - there’s a lot of ‘stuff’ in the world!

Global mass production doesn’t appear to be slowing as fast as the increase in frequency of concerning reports about climate change. Whilst the act of cycling is, in itself, sustainable, the cycling industry isn’t entirely guilt-free when it comes to high levels of production or the creation of waste materials. As many bikes and components are manufactured in east Asia, by the time they arrive on UK shores, they’ve already travelled a long way and built up a sizeable carbon footprint in the process.

Buying a bike second hand is usually a fairly localised transaction, meaning limited additional ‘air miles’. The fact that, in most cases, nothing more needs to be produced to give a used bike a new lease of life, significantly reduces the environmental impact of its original production. In addition, a new owner is likely to take better care of their ‘new’ pre-owned bike than someone who has had it for a few years, stopped riding it and allowed it to degrade or replaced it with an upgrade, meaning the usable life of the bike is extended.

Better value for money

Buying second hand doesn’t necessarily mean stretching the limits of your budget to get the best you possibly can. If you’re simply looking for an entry level bike to begin commuting and to replace driving or taking public transport to reduce your monthly outgoings, it makes sense not to overspend at the first opportunity.

With the rising demand and often limited supply of new bikes we’ve seen over the past few years, prices have skyrocketed. Meanwhile, economic factors have had less of an impact on the thriving second hand market, which is less prone to fluctuations in raw materials and manufacturing costs. At Bike Hero, we’re committed to providing quality pre-owned bikes at prices that are hard to beat.

That said, if you are looking to maximise bang for buck within a certain budget, buying a pre-owned bike can open up interesting opportunities to get your hands on some of the latest cycling tech, without breaking the bank. For example, a bike which is only a few years old can easily be refurbished to compete with current models but at a fraction of the retail price. Alternatively, purchasing a used bike vs brand new can leave you with some budget left over, meaning you could consider upgrading components and end up with an even better bike.


Cheaper to Insure

No matter what bike you buy, we’d recommend that you consider looking into getting it insured against theft and damage. Naturally, by buying a pre-owned bike at a lower price than brand new, the cost of insuring your new ride will be lower.

Tried and Tested

According to a 2021 article published by This Is Money, the average newly built house comes with 157 defects. This is the reason that many estate agents vehemently warn against buying a newly built house. Whilst there are fewer components to the average bike than a standard 3-bed semi-detached, it’s not unusual for bike manufacturers to issue factory recalls on their newly released products, particularly when it comes to the implementation of new technologies, processes or concepts.

Buying a second hand bike (or property!) negates much of this risk, especially where the bike has been used for some time, meaning the original owner will have likely discovered and resolved any manufacturing faults or the brand will have addressed any known issues.

At Bike Hero, as we fully service, refurbish and safety check all pre-owned bikes, you can be guaranteed that everything will be in full working order.

Own a Piece of History

We love the idea that each and every second hand bike which passes through our workshop has its own story. Whether that’s how the original owner undertook some epic cycling adventures or how they saved up to buy the bike of their dreams and lovingly cared for it before finally letting it go to a new home. It may be that a bike has endured years of being left out in the rain, forgotten about or mistreated before finding its way to us - where it gets restored, ready for a new owner.

Whichever it may be, there’s something inspiring about knowing that your pre-owned bike has been places and done things. This feeling is something which a shiny brand new bike off the peg simply can’t replicate.


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